Removing Oil Stains from Your Concrete Driveway

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Concrete is an extremely porous surface. This means that dirt, grime and oil are able to easily penetrate and be absorbed by concrete. Oil stain removal is often a very difficult cleaning task to undertake due to the absorbent porous nature of concrete. Oil can create a large discoursed stain on the surface when allowed to be absorbed deep into the concrete surface.

Early detection and cleaning of motor oil on your driveway is the best preventative measure to stop oil from staining your concrete. Early detection minimizes the time oil has to penetrate and stain your concrete. Oil stains which have been present for many years on a concrete driveway are extremely difficult to entirely remove as the oil has been absorbed very deep into the surface. However certain degreasing cleaning applications are able to diminish the appearance and visibility of these older oil stains from a driveway.

Cleaning Process
There are many degreasing detergents and hazardous chemicals available for purchase at local hardware stores. To achieve optimum results when using these cleaning products, read and follow the manufactures directions and safety guidelines.  Appropriate safety clothing must be worn as using hazardous cleaning chemicals are potentially very dangerous to living beings and the environment.

Recent developments in technology have developed an alternative chemical free cleaning method for oil removal. High pressure steam cleaning is the latest technological development in pressure cleaning. High pressure steam cleaning uses the powerful cleaning agent of steam to melt and vaporise oil stains from concrete surfaces. High pressure steam cleaning is fast becoming a popular cleaning alternative due to increasing environmental concerns as outdoor high pressure steam cleaning is able to produce effective results without the use of any hazardous chemicals.

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